Help to Heal the Planet with Your Purchase

Help to Heal the Planet with Your Purchase

Held annually on 5th June, the United Nations first founded World Environment Day in 1974. This year they’re urging that “we must shift from harming the planet to healing it”. Similarly, our Swole Panda team is keen to drive change, wherever possible.

Keen to learn what you can do to mark the occasion? Here are five ways our eco-friendly materials and processes are helping to support this global aim.

Bamboo Produces More Oxygen than Trees

We enjoy providing fun fashion tips – have you checked out What Your Socks Say About You? Yet, we’re energised by educating our customers on (affordable) sustainable materials such as bamboo. Did you know it can grow an incredible three feet every day?

Bamboo also produces 35% more oxygen than trees. This means the FSC approved forests where our bamboo originates, are contributing to the slowing of global warming. By favouring bamboo products, you’re therefore helping the planet to recover from decades of emissions, including carbon dioxide.

Growing Bamboo Improves the Surrounding Soil

Let us prove this bold statement.

Firstly, as the base for many of our textile fibres, we ensure the bamboo we source is not treated with toxic chemical pesticides. Bamboo’s superpower is its bamboo-Kun – a naturally occurring anti-microbial agent that defends this abundant grass from fungi and pests.

Secondly, bamboo’s widespread root systems and the fact that growers harvest the shoots above the ground, prevent widespread soil erosion. This method avoids carbon dioxide being released twice, whilst uprooting and tilling the soil. Bamboo’s roots also reinforce crumbling riverbanks.

Once more, your high-quality Swole Panda bamboo items are lowering the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, also preventing mudslides.

Buying Innovative Materials Improves the Oceans

Heard of the Circular Economy? It’s an amazing model where resources are kept within the cycle of production and consumption for longer.

Swole Panda woven belts are made from seven reclaimed plastic bottles which are upcycled as REPREVE®. When discarded, these unwanted eyesores harm sea life and compromise the oceans’ water quality causing plastic pollution. We support those who want to remove these ubiquitous plastic items from the seas.

We donate 5% of the profits from every REPREVE® belt purchase to Ocean Generation. Therefore, choosing our products helps this NGO reach the goal of preventing plastic from reaching our oceans within a generation. It’s time to act for a better future.

Our Timeless Clothing Reduces Landfill Waste

Launched this year, our clothing collection incorporates REFIBRA™ fibres. Made from REFIBRA™ Lyocell (Lenzing’s name for its TENCEL™ and REFIBRA™ combination) mixed with organic cotton waste from garment production. This durable material epitomises the phrase ‘quality over quantity’. So, you will enjoy wearing Swole Panda clothing for years to come.

So far, society has embraced a throwaway culture of buy once, wear once. But with worldwide landfills damaging the beauty of the local surroundings, now is the time to redirect textile waste into the circular economy.

Your buying power as consumers should not be underestimated. Trends rise and fall because of customer excitement and apathy. Let’s give REFIBRA™ - and the planet - the chance to thrive. 

Closed-Loop Processes Avoid Wasting Natural Resources

We use a closed-loop manufacturing process to minimise water wastage. It’s then reintroduced back into the process to start again – unlike in open-loop systems. Find out more about this eco-friendly approach in our blog Eco-friendly Closed-loop Cycle.

Motivated to preserve water and other precious natural resources, we have achieved ISO 14001:2015. This standard shows we meet strict criteria in terms of our environmental management system.


Supporting our drive for environmental change, you can wear Swole Panda’s sustainable clothing and accessories knowing you’re buying better. Contact us on 01424 868030 with any questions – our UK-based team will be happy to assist you.

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