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Leading the Way with REFIBRA T-shirts and Polo Shirts

We’re excited that spring has arrived. There’s a feeling of optimism in the air. Plus, you can finally switch out your shirts and winter blazers for lighter clothing.

With Earth Day fast approaching (22nd April 2022) we thought it was time to showcase the newest additions to ‘team sustainable’ here at Swole Panda HQ. Say hello to our newcomers … REFIBRA™ T-shirts and polo shirts for men and women. 

Part of the Circular Economy

A sustainable fabric, REFIBRA strengthens the circular economy model within the textiles industry. A circular economy sees products and their finite resources –  here cotton scraps – “kept in circulation for as long as possible”. REFIBRA’s creator Tencel proudly boasts that “nothing is treated as waste. What is leftover from one process becomes input to another …  keeping it circulating”. Also, the reintroduction of pre and post-worn clothing into fibre manufacturing avoids old garments ending up in landfill.

A circular economy is good news regarding the big threats to our planet. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation believes such systems “tackle(s) global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, waste, and pollution”. As you’ll discover, REFIBRA holds advantages for the environment as well as those wearing our sustainable tops.

What is REFIBRA Technology?

The Lenzing Group – who own Tencel spotted the potential of garment scraps. They’ve reduced textile waste with their innovative REFIBRA technology – launched in 2017. As confessed pioneers of eco-friendly accessories – check out our bamboo scarves and socks –  we were drawn to this technology – eager to know more. What we learnt was incredible!

The different REFIBRA stages include:

  1. Diverting traditional cotton waste
  2. Turning this waste into cotton pulp
  3. Blending one-third of this pulp with wood pulp from sustainable sources
  4. Changing this mixture into virgin fibres - aka TENCEL™ Lyocell.

Working tirelessly to develop a material blend that is at once comfortable, breathable, good looking and decidedly durable, we knew our garments had to incorporate 50% Tencel™ REFIBRA™. We’ve chosen to blend 50% organic cotton with 50% REFIBRA® Lyocell (Lenzing’s name for the TENCEL™ and REFIBRA™ combination) to create our amazing new collections.

What REFIBRA Products are Available?

Bringing you two different styles of top means you can have a stylish - and more sustainable - choice of clothing to reach for each morning.

Ubiquitous yet iconic, a classic T-shirt can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit, accessories and how you style it. Whereas, the refined sporty ‘feel’ of a polo shirt can give you a ‘not tried too hard’ sense of style. Both designs have short sleeves – so buying a few now is a great idea given the warmer months ahead.

Designed with minimal branding by our small independent team in the UK, both styles are available from ‘Small’ to ‘XX Large’ in men’s and women’s sizing. This means more people can enjoy wearing sustainable fabrics.

Whilst ‘green’ in nature, our REFIBRA T-shirts and Polo Shirt collections don’t stop with our lush ‘khaki’ shade. Instead, there are a total of six timeless colours to choose from - and all use environmentally friendly dye (Oeko-Tex®).

This status means your skin will experience true comfort – enhanced by the pre-washed, superior softness and highly breathable fabric. With temperature control built-in, you’ll keep things cool with our REFIBRA tops’ moisture-absorbing properties. 

Sound Familiar?

This repurposing of materials echoes our woven REPREVE belts. Did you know that seven plastic bottles are recycled (and removed from the ocean) to produce each British designed belt? With bold patterns and colour combos to choose between, they’re a sustainable – and thankfully elasticated – mainstay of your everyday attire.

We’re excited to invite you on our sustainable journey into clothing. Why not browse our online shop or jump to our Men's or Women's t-shirts and polo shirts. Simply contact us or call 01424 868030 if you have any further questions. Swole Panda is poised to help!

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