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What Your Socks Say About You

Socks are often an under appreciated - but essential - element of a man or woman’s style arsenal. Yet, the tide has turned with GQ declaring that socks for men “are back”. Incorporating a high percentage blend of antibacterial and super soft Miso bamboo, our small design team in East Sussex delivers a wide array of uncompromisingly colourful socks that speak to the wearer – and others. After all, your socks say a lot about you and your personality. What do your socks say about you?

  • Stripes

The person who wears stripy socks may be mistaken for a nautical or rugby type. Rugged or refined depending on how you dress, our ‘Striped’ collection is versatile. It can be dressed up or down to suit your lifestyle. Reflect your passion for sport when suited or relaxed during the week, with a nod to your sporting pursuits.

Others believe that “people who love stripes are often good at multitasking” as well as professional. Available in various colour combos, with fine or broad bands, Swole Panda’s array of socks show a stripe is not just a stripe.

  • Motifs

Some believe socks indicate your mindset. Cyclist enthusiasts can now showcase their pursuit with our range of bicycle patterned socks, available in different colours. Skull and crossbones highlight the rebel – even if worn on the 9-5 commute. Expressing your personality with penguin, t-rex, and of course panda print socks will denote your softer side. However, those feeling particularly foxy are also catered for with our cheeky fox design. 

Our Women’s range also offers foxes, penguins and skiing pandas to name just a few – with the addition of cherry and dog designs. Wear to show you care.

  • Spots

We bring our ‘Spotted’ range for the sophisticated shopper. Accentuating the polished suited and booted look of a classic 3-piece suit for men, subtle spots on socks are highly appropriate for meetings and networking sessions. Professional pin-sharp dots can elevate any outfit and will stand you apart; keeping it classic may also boost a student’s law career prospects.

With a solid background featuring spots that match the cuff, reinforced heel and (hand-linked seam) toe sections, you’ll appear confident and well put together. So why not knock the socks off your colleagues with this timeless print’s style?

  • Solid colour

People who wear solid-coloured socks can appear traditional or bold depending on the colour they choose. Imagine the different aesthetic of jet black or navy socks compared with tangerine or bumblebee yellow socks. This spectrum of effects means that you can be as playful as you want with your accessories. In psychology, those wearing colourful garments appear to be wealthier, more in control and know their own mind. 

Our style advice for men? Reserve the 100% plain white socks for sports only to avoid stereotypes of socks and sandals or lazy styling. After all, it’s unlikely they’ll match your trousers or shorts. With our Swole Panda motif stitched onto each of our one-colour pairs, your socks could say even more. They’ll show you’re clued-up on eco-friendly issues and sustainability for those in the know! There’s also nothing like the softness of bamboo against your feet. Once you’ve tried it you’ll never want to go back.

The language of socks is of course open to interpretation, but different designs (solid and patterned) do suggest certain qualities about the wearer. Whether you’re looking to make a loud or subtle sock style statement, we’d encourage you to visit our website to get inspired by our sustainable socks. Subscription boxes or individual pairs are available and make a great Father’s Day gift.

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