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We Hope you Had a Fantastic Plastic-Free July

Sustainable accessories are our thing! We deliver on this promise by producing super-soft socks, scarves and boxers made with the natural material that is Moso bamboo. But did you know that we’ve also chosen sustainable materials for our signature gift packaging and product tags? It’s all part of honouring our eco values this Plastic Free July and beyond.

Why plastic isn’t fantastic

In May 2021, charity WRAP estimated that as little as 6% of UK homes’ wrapping and plastic bags are recycled each year. They also stated that 141 million tonnes of plastic packaging are created globally per year - with a figure north of 8 million tonnes contaminating the oceans every 12 months. Unfortunately, many plastic mailer bags and other forms of packaging have a single-use lifespan. But, with e-commerce predicted to represent over a third of all retail sales by 2040, something needs to change. We believe there is a better solution regarding retail packaging.

Our plastic-free packaging

We have secured an incredibly special certification. We’re extremely proud to say that our (cardboard) packaging including boxer and sock envelopes, are made from FSC approved paper sources. This Forest Stewardship Council status means that our packaging comes from responsibly managed forests. Not only that, but each forest, in turn, provides economic, environmental and social benefits.

Luxurious yet recyclable, Swole Panda’s packaging has refined swagger. Our sustainable envelopes’ characterful branding and informative text make them suitable for presenting as a gift to someone special – this includes you! Quality has not been compromised in terms of presentation or the gift-giving experience.

You can even store your multipack socks in our equally FSC approved recyclable Simply Style Sock Boxes. A mini wardrobe for your socks, this functional presentation case shows how environmentally friendly packaging can also be reused with aplomb.

Mighty mailers

It’s one thing to have a sustainable product, it shows progress. But many companies undo their good work by compromising during the delivery stage. Thankfully, times are changing. Now, 82% of potential customers would prefer to have their items shipped in a box rather than environmentally crippling poly bags. Their deciding factor? Well, more than 25% of those surveyed in the same study gave environmental reasons for their answer. So, is there an alternative?

Surprisingly, our mailing bags are made from compostable corn starch. Known as PLA (polylactic acid) or ‘bioplastic’, the corn starch bags we use will start to decompose in mere months under the right conditions. Worryingly, fossil fuel plastics can take thousands of years. At Swole Panda, we’re keen to leave a legacy fit for future generations throughout the stages of a customer’s purchase. Our eco values extend from our bamboo sourcing to postal packaging.

Retail stands

For the retail stockists and wholesalers among you, we appreciate that you want our product displays to ‘look good’ in your retail and online stores. However, eager to work with like-minded businesses, we offer you the chance to ‘do good’ too. How? Well, we can provide a new retailer welcome kit that includes incredibly special (branded) bamboo retail stands. Handcrafted, these authentic displays allow you to convey our sustainable story in your store - from source to sale. Customers can appreciate the tactile nature of this natural material in its different forms; strong yet exceptionally soft as a fibre. They’re available in low minimum orders too. So, little is wasted or overproduced.

We hope this blog has persuaded you to shop sustainably - not just this July - but 12 months of the year. Want to experience our brand for yourself? Shop the collection or contact us at info@swolepanda.com for questions regarding our brand or distributor/wholesale pricing.

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