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REPREVE® Belts - Recycled Belts with Eco and Style Benefits

According to The Natural History Museum, “between 4.8 and 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean each year”. Apart from washing up on your local or holiday destination beaches, this plastic pollution – made up of large and 5mm or smaller microplastics – is already endangering sea life. From fish to turtles, as well as birds, innovation is needed to reclaim the sea from this less-than-fantastic plastic disaster.

That’s why we broke new ground by using the upcycled plastic REPREVE® fabric to create uber-stylish belts. Stylish and comfortable, let’s discover how our belts are contributing to cleaner oceans, as well as improving existing customers’ lives.


They’re helping to reclaim the oceans

Rather than simply ‘talking the talk’, our Swole Panda belts ‘walk the walk’. Dealing with one of the leading eco problems of our time, they’re crafted from Repreve®. This high-performance fibre offers a reprieve for the seas by repurposing the equivalent of 7 plastic bottles in each Swole Panda garment.

Without this development, it would’ve taken 450 years for the waters to break down these same plastic bottles.

Discover these fascinating four-stage manufacturing process in the ‘We Use REPREVE®’ section of our classic navy woven belt product page.


They support ‘circular fashion’

‘Circular fashion’ is a phrase that’s appeared more and more during recent times. Rather than referring to a dazzling new polka dot trend – although we do bring you socks in this self-assured print – it’s all about avoiding the use of raw materials whilst repurposing existing items in new ways.

Those discarded plastic bottles are no longer waste. They’re now part of an environmental strategy and forward-thinking fashion story that we know you’ll enjoy wearing.


You’ll be investing in the future!

Keen to support sustainable practices, we’ve partnered with the charity (and NGO) Ocean Generation. They’re aiming to stop plastic from reaching the oceans within a single generation through educational initiatives, to restore a healthier relationship between the ocean and humanity.

Fully onboard, we donate 5% of the profits for each belt sold. So now, you can be suave and shop purposefully. Not bad for spending around £35.00.

Find out more about Ocean Generation’s work here. We know you want to!


We’ve reinvented the ‘woven belt wheel’

We completely understand. You want to support change for a better world but are secretly wondering about the feel and fit of our men’s belts. Well, we’re delighted to tell you that you don’t need to sacrifice quality or comfort.

Our signature stretchy 3cm wide belts are completely adjustable without the need to add holes – there aren’t any to begin with! Instead, the careful blend of materials produces an elasticated weave that stays put – even after being worn thousands of times. Simply pick from three sizes before upgrading your belt collection and preparing for comfort.

Your style credentials are assured!

Each of our woven belts feature a brushed zinc alloy buckle – for a refined yet ‘haven’t tried too hard’ look.

All our stylish designs carry unexpected points of interest too. Our subtle Swole Panda branding on the metal buckle and embossed leather tabs takes these sustainable accessories to the next level.

They make the perfect addition to chinos, jeans and smart tailored trousers – meaning you’ll still be the leader of your ‘style pack’. Only now, leading the way towards a better planet.

Just be sure to tell your friends and colleagues.


Would you buy our woven REPREVE belts knowing the eco and style benefits they bring? Shop the collection in our online shop, or contact us with any further questions you may have.

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