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The A to Z of Swole Panda

We hope you’ve enjoyed wearing your exciting new Christmas gift(s) from Swole Panda. Or, maybe you’ve received a cheeky gift voucher and want to learn more about our company’s outstanding products and sustainable values. Whatever your reason for stopping by, we wanted to highlight our brand in an A to Z shaped ‘nutshell’.

Antibacterial – Play rugby, tennis, football or sail? Our bamboo is ideal for sporty types thanks to its naturally anti-microbial Bamboo Kun ingredient and breathable properties.

Bamboo viscose – We selected a world-leading factory that’s ISO 9001 certified for its consistent quality. This ensures you receive the very best bamboo products.

Closed-loop system – When processing the bamboo fibre, we recycle water for land irrigation.

Dyes well – Bamboo takes the dye with ease. This lets us create bold designs and sharp motifs that you can pair with tailoring or less formal attire.

Environmentally-friendly – Bamboo’s lengthy roots increase the soil stability in flood-prone areas and preserve soil nutrients that other crops (like cotton) can strip away with chemicals and tilling.

Forever evolving – We debut new collections throughout the year and continue looking for new innovations (see “R”).

Grass – This grass grows super fast! It’s even earned Guinness World Record status as the ‘Fastest Growing Plant’. It’s not unusual for bamboo to grow 91cm in just one day!

Helps the planet – The Tanboocell branded bamboo we use is FSC grown. Certified by the international Forest Stewardship Council – we don’t contribute to the loss of natural habitats.

Incredibly soft – Five-times softer than cotton – you might have initially thought your new gift was cashmere.

Jacquard waistbands – So your boxers avoid chafing and stay in place. Fit is everything!

Kind to the skin – Do you have eczema, contact dermatitis or psoriasis? You’ll be relieved to learn that our accessories carry the “Confidence in Textile” label.

Lifetime guarantee ­– We’re that confident you’ll love our products – or your money back.

Moso – This is the species of bamboo we’ve used when making your new accessories.

No pain – Poorly made socks and boxers can be a pain when they’ve hard seams rubbing against your toes and legs. At Swole Panda, we get it – and also print the labels on your boxers – ideal for commuting or at weekends.

Organic – Our bamboo doesn’t need fertilisers or chemicals to grow. It beats organic cotton hands down when it comes to conserving water too.

Pandas – They don’t eat Moso bamboo, so there are no worries about stealing their food.

Quintessentially British  – Brilliantly bold motifs and statement designs are available in our sock, scarf, boxers and belt collections.

Repreve belts – We’re the first company to make belts from REPREVE®. Seven plastic bottles have been removed from the ocean to make each one. We’re sure you’ll also appreciate their adjustable fit too.

Super sequester – Sequesting is the process where plants or grasses capture and store carbon dioxide. Bamboo forests are efficient as ‘carbon sinks’ – sequestering 17 tonnes of the gas for every one acre of bamboo.

Transparency – We’re 100% transparent about the sourcing and processing of our bamboo, as we work tirelessly to minimise our impact on the environment. Read more on this system here.

UK offices and design team – Working with a small independent design team helps us to capture British styling – fit for any aspiring gentleman.

Very easy to care for – Durable and low maintenance, we describe how to care for your accessories in this handy blog.

World-beating blends – Our blends have 75% (socks), 95% (boxers) and 100% (scarves) bamboo. This ensures a superior wearing experience.

‘X-tremely low carbon footprint – Cotton needs harvesting and re-planting each year, whereas bamboo is harvested above the roots. This saves CO2 escaping from the soil.

Yield – Did you know that just one acre of bamboo yields 10 times more than an equivalent acre of cotton?

Zero ‘skin nasties’ – Your new bamboo accessories have gained international recognition with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, for leaving out dangerous AZO dyestuffs, phthalates, formaldehyde, and extractable heavy metals.

We’re glad you’ve joined the Swole Panda club, where we proudly believe that using sustainable materials like bamboo and REPREVE® is the future. Browse our enticing online shop to explore our accessories collection, or contact us with any questions.



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