Men's Woven Belts

Our Recycled Woven Belts are the perfect addition to any outfit. Completely adjustable without the need for holes, these elasticised belts offer a precise fit and ultimate comfort. We have broken new ground, being the very first company to make them from REPREVE®, a material composed out of recycled plastic bottles recovered from the ocean. Our belts contain the equivalent of 7 plastic bottles that had previously been discarded. We are also partnered with Ocean Generation, an NGO with the mission to stop plastic from reaching our oceans within a generation. With each belt sold, we donate 5% of profits.

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       Woven Belts - Custom Designed To Meet Your Comfort Needs

      Woven belts are seen by many as an alternative choice to the more popular leather belts. However, when worn right, these belts could easily become a mainstay in your wardrobe. Men’s woven belts offer several impressive benefits, especially thanks to their ability to seamlessly combine aesthetic appeal and functionality. And with belts themselves being an important part of any fashion setup, having high-quality woven belts definitely doesn’t hurt. 

      A Collection Of Stretchy Woven Belts, Something Unique Or Customised.

      Also known as braided belts, the woven stretch belt is an extension of traditional belts. They are unique because they come with intricate webbing designs. Some men's braided belt options come with elastic straps and materials, although you can also find leather options. 

      All in all, men’s woven belt options are the perfect versatile and functional addition to your wardrobe. 

      But, what makes men’s woven belts so great to wear?

      Versatile & Adjustable 

      Thanks to their construction, stretch woven belts don’t have any fixed buckle holes. Instead, the buckle prong is slotted anywhere between the webbing. This means that mns’ woven belts are as versatile as they come. You don’t need to worry about your weight when you buy a woven belt, and these belts even seamlessly move between your hip and waist without the need for any additional buckle holes. 

      Elastic Materials 

      Woven belts also usually come with stretchy, elastic materials that allow them to easily expand based on your weight. A stretch woven belt is ideal for men who want something to stand the test of time. Instead of buying different belts regularly, a stretchy woven belt easily accommodates changes in your weight and can serve you for a long time.

      Support & Comfort 

      A belt should be comfortable while also offering the right type of support for you and your clothing. An elastic woven belt offers an unparalleled level of comfort as it flexes and doesn’t restrict your movement. 

      At the same time, the woven elastic belt grips your waist well and ensures a proper fit for your trousers. This creates a secure and comfortable fit that easily conforms to your body.

      Fashion Changes, But Comfort Exists. We Have The Most Comfortable Woven Elastic Belts For You

      Without a doubt, woven elastic belts should be comfortable. And with fashion trends changing almost by the day, comfort is the one thing that never goes out of style. A stretchy woven belt optimises this comfort, allowing you to move easily while still securing your pants. 

      At Swole Panda, we’ve curated the best men’s belts UK available Our woven belts are made with high-quality materials, maintaining your comfort and ensuring that you always feel right when you go out. 

      Why Choose Swole Panda For Men’s Woven Belts?

      Whether you’re heading for a formal event or dressing casual for a night out with your friends, our men’s woven belts ensure that you can stay comfortable - and look great as well. We have custom-designed woven elastic belt options as well, so you get belts that conform to your body and which fit you perfectly.

      All of this is provided at reasonable, pocket-friendly prices. So, with Swole Panda, you get to enjoy comfort and style without breaking the bank! Shop our best men’s belts today! 


      Woven belts come with webbing designs that allow them to work without the need for belt holes. So, you can simply insert the buckle prong anywhere in the belt, and you’re good to go

      Yes, you can wear men’s woven belts with suits. Thanks to their versatility, the belts are ideal for formal and casual attires. 

      As a general rule of thumb, you should take the size of your trousers and add 2 inches when shopping for a belt. If you wear size 30 pants, then you want to get a size 32 belt. 

      Yes, you can shorten a woven belt. Some woven belt options allow you to shorten them from the buckle.

      Generally, all belt types come with their merits and demerits. Woven belts are among the best options because they are both versatile and comfortable.