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How to Care for Bamboo Accessories

Our customers can’t believe the feel of our Moso bamboo accessories. We believe they’re so soft and full of personality that you’ll want to experience the comfort of wearing them time and time again. But in-between wears, it’s important to look after your Swole Panda socks, scarves and boxers when washing, drying and ironing them. Here are our easy to implement bamboo care tips.


With an average of 125,000 sweat glands on each foot, you need ‘clever’ socks in your sustainable accessories arsenal. Our naturally hypoallergenic 75% Moso bamboo socks wick away moisture - leaving you feeling fresh all day. They adjust to warm and cold temperatures too. But alas ... they still need washing after each wear.

So, until self-cleaning socks come along, we’re often asked the best way to clean our bamboo garments. We’d recommend you always wash them on either a cool 30° degree programme or a normal 40° degree cycle, depending on your washing machine’s particular options. As with any other fabric, you need to separate lights from colours and darks to maintain the crisp colours and patterns dyed into the bamboo fibres.

Avoid fabric conditioners to ensure that bamboo’s inbuilt antimicrobial moisture-wicking feature (Bamboo Kun) remains effective after each wash. Keep everything bleach-free too, as this can damage the fibres.


When it comes to getting your socks, scarves and boxers dry, we’d say ‘step away from the tumble dryer’. Indeed, as “the biggest energy guzzlers in the kitchen, if not the whole home”, the carbon footprint of these appliances is also unreal. Typically, “a household running a dryer 200 times a year could save nearly half a tonne of CO2e by switching to a clothes rack or washing line” (The Guardian).

Instead, Swole Panda prefers to sunbathe! Drying your accessories outdoors on a washing line will ensure that they stay in good condition. Try to remove them from the machine soon after the cycle has finished too.

We’d also advise you to avoid the dry cleaners with your bamboo items. As well as avoiding the cost, your accessories will not thank you for taking them there given the chemicals they use.


We wondered if anyone would iron their socks or boxers. After all, we suspect there are better uses of your time. But considering that our scarves are considerably larger (30x180 cm), you may want to stay sharp by ironing after each wash. Bamboo is durable … but let’s take care of our high-quality garments and avoid waste.

The right way to iron bamboo is to use a very cool setting. Glide over it gently and – as with all fabrics – never let it burn the fabric.

Staying True to Our Principles

Following these simple tips not only prolongs the lifespan of your new favourite accessories. It also continues our minimal waste approach to manufacturing. Awarded an ISO 14001:2015 certificate for our environmental management systems – we reduce water, energy, and waste – you can rest assured that your purchase is helping to support an eco-conscious company.

So, there you have it. Easy to follow care tips for your Swole Panda bamboo accessories. Whether you’re shopping for your first (or fifth) pair of socks, boxers or scarf, we know there will be a design for you. Shop our sustainable collection to feel the difference.

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