Have You Joined our VIP Loyalty Club?

Have You Joined our VIP Loyalty Club?

Many eagle-eyed customers have enquired about our Loyalty Club, which you might have spotted on our homepage. Designed to offer exclusive perks, this eco-conscious Loyalty Club was founded to reward you when buying the pioneering textiles used within Swole Panda’s sustainable clothing and accessories.

Naturally, you may have questions about its (completely free) membership. Or, maybe you’re eager to begin earning SP points. Either way, you’ll find all of the information in this guide to our new VIP group.

What is the Swole Panada Loyalty Club?

A relatively recent addition to our forward-thinking company, the Swole Panda Loyalty Club is here to reward you with SP points for buying sustainably. You can then redeem these points when purchasing our eco-friendly items.

With 60% of fast fashion items contributing to landfill, we knew it was time to step up even further and reward those who come on board. Also, we hope this club will prove that slow fashion doesn’t need to cost the earth – indeed, we’re pioneering change to save it!

Everyone is Eligible

Regardless of your location, anyone can join the Swole Panda Loyalty Club – even if you haven’t purchased from us before. All you need to do to reap the rewards is sign in or sign-up for a no-obligation customer account and we’ll enrol you automatically.

Once you have created an account with us, you can click on the ‘Loyalty Club’ button located in the lower-left corner of our homepage. As a thank you, we will debit your account with 350 points. Tell us your birthday for an additional 750 points. Feeling sociable? Why not gain 100 points each for following us on Twitter and Instagram or pressing Like on Facebook.

Share the Swole Panda Secret!

After joining, you will see a link which you can copy and share with your friends, to start their Swole Panda journey. You’ll be the friend de jour when they receive a £10.00 off coupon.

You’ll also benefit from the referral, with 10,000 SP points added to your account. This equates to £5.00 per friend – so you can enjoy £50.00 off our different men’s and women’s collections when you refer 10 friends. That’s quite a few pairs of 75% Moso bamboo socks!

It’s a perfect opportunity to let any sporting mates, colleagues or family know about our wearer friendly and sustainable collection.

How Else Can I Earn SP Points?

The benefits of joining our Loyalty Club don’t stop there!

You will earn 100 points for every £1.00 (excluding any shipping costs) you spend in our official online shop. It doesn’t matter which items you purchase, or whether they are made from bamboo, Repreve or Refibra textiles. We want to say thank you for supporting us!

Just be sure to be already logged into your Swole Panda account before placing an order. It’s that easy to be rewarded for your eco-friendly purchase.

Which Products Can I Redeem SP Points Against?

Points can be exchanged for a discounted order or used to cover your entire shopping bag when you have accrued enough. No products are excluded, so we won’t disappoint you upon checkout!

From our brand new Refibra T-shirts and Polo Shirts for men and women to our Repreve Woven Belts and trusted Moso bamboo socks, boxers and unisex scarves, we’ve proudly promoted eco-friendly values before sustainability became a ‘buzzword’.

Now, you can convert your brand loyalty into timeless daily attire.

We’re Here to Remind You of Your Membership

Life, busy meetings and social occasions happen!

So, it’s no problem if you forget how many points you have earned. Simply log in to your account page whenever you need to check how many SP points you’ve gained so far.

The total will be listed in the member area of the ‘My Loyalty Club’ section.

Will My Points Last?

One caveat does exist. SP points are only valid for one year from the date you secured each purchase. They will then expire 365 days after this point, with each order having a separate countdown.

Therefore, we recommend visiting your account frequently to ensure you redeem your points.

Frequently adding new sustainable collections and bold British designs, the chances are your points won’t hang around for long when treating yourself or someone special. Be sure to join our Loyalty Club before browsing our exciting range of high-quality products, so you can experience what it means to pioneer change.

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