Deep Purple Bamboo Socks

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  • Add a touch of royal flair to your style with these Deep Purple Bamboo Socks, which are warm, sophisticated and guaranteed to inject some regal polish. They are knitted from our unique breathable bamboo blend creating an unbelievably smooth, snug feel.

    Featuring a reinforced heel and toe as well as hand linked seams for added comfort, no sock on the market comes close in terms of softness, fit and durability.



If for any reason you feel our socks are not the best you’ve ever experienced, then we will give you your money back. Contact us and get a discount to replace them.


Not only do our socks look great, but realise that these are the highest quality, longest lasting and sustainable pair of bamboo socks ever made, which is why we have been featured in GQ, Huffpost, The Times, Forbes & more. Bamboo is incredibly strong for it's weight, which allows you to wear your socks actively without worrying about them wearing through.


We have works tirelessly to come up with a material blend that combines the wonderful benefits of bamboo whilst remaining durable, comfortable, breathable and still looking great at the same time. Our socks are 75% Moso Bamboo Viscose, 22% Polyamide on the heel and toe for durability and 3% Elastane for ultimate comfort, fit and feel. Disclaimer: These are authentic Swole Panda Bamboo socks, designed by a small independent team in the UK.


Ever had socks that have a horrible seam at the toe? We HATE that! By using sustainably sourced Moso Bamboo and hand linked seams, we have created the most comfortable socks on the market.

Our unique composition of bamboo material absorbs and wicks away moisture from your skin ensuring you can have unrivalled comfort for hours on end.


Our bamboo socks are not only incredible to wear, they have an array of benefits for the environment too. Bamboo requires no irrigation requiring 1/3 the amount of water to grow than is necessary for cotton, essential in a world where water is becoming more and more scarce.

Bamboo rarely if ever needs replanting. The miracle of bamboo is that it miraculously will sprout on its own and one acre of bamboo will yield 10 times more than one acre of cotton. Cotton needs harvesting and re-planting each year.

Bamboo has always been grown without pesticides where some non-organic cotton requires 1/3 pounds of fertiliser per pound and can be determined to use 25% of all chemical pesticides used globally on crops. 


All of our socks are knitted by hand from sustainably sourced Moso Bamboo making them extremely soft, but also deceptively durable. 

From the harvesting of the bamboo to the hand linking of the seams is a seven step process from start to finish.


Our bamboo socks come in beautiful, high quality envelopes that give them that extra wow factor. Whether you are giving them as a Christmas present, a gift for Father's Day or to a special somebody for their Birthday, our bamboo socks are given the presentation they deserve.

Our envelopes are made from FSC approved paper sources and our mailing bags from compostable corn starch.


Swole Panda is pioneering a sustainable future by using bamboo for our socks. Species of bamboo equal to the height and width of a tree take as little as three years to mature completely making it one of the most sustainable natural resources the planet has provided us.

With each purchase, you are not only receiving a quality piece of luxury clothing or sunglasses, you're also part of the movement pioneering a more sustainable future.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
scott e. (Ilford, GB)

wish I had more feet so I could wear more than one pair at a time

Jane N. (York, GB)
Great success

Bought wonderful socks for Valentines for a very fussy husband. They have gone down a storm and he rarely has them off his feet. Lovely feel and wash beautifully

Kate U. (Penrith, GB)
Men’s socks

Great socks my husband loves them

Tim f.B. (Battle, GB)
Rainbow Nation

Not the creepy kids tv program of the 70’s, but the view greeting me when I open my sock drawer. I’m working my way through the entire Panda sock collection revisiting particular favourites, like these purple socks, whenever a boring pair of Marks and Sparks cotton rich black socks finally wear out. I love these bamboo socks and I particularly love purple. But poor old purple falls in and out of fashion. When it’s in I buy tons of the stuff knowing it will disappear from the shops for years until its time comes round again. I hope the boys at SP won’t drop purple when ghastly colours like grey, taupe, cyan, moles back, elephant’s breath and vole’s scrotum become all the rage (Farrow & Ball have a lot to answer for). The Panda Boys do a lovely pair of purple checked socks so why not pick up a pair of those too.

Kim H. (Lewes, GB)
Great quality Good value

Love these socks. The colours are vibrant , the quality is really good and they are good value. They arrived in good time despite the Christmas postage problems. Please do more plain pattern but vibrant colours in women’s sizes. Thank you.

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