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Christmas Presents that Show You Care

It’s here… it’s happening… it’s the Christmas shopping season!

Whether you’re looking to give a guy or a girl a super soft, sustainable and thoughtful gift, we’re confident that our bold British-designed accessories will be the talk of the Christmas dinner table. Having featured in GQ magazine, Forbes and The Telegraph newspaper, we pride ourselves on the premium quality and panache of our sustainable MOSO®️ bamboo. Available as scarves, socks and boxers, they'll accompany our innovative REPREVE®️ woven belts perfectly. Let’s explore why your Swole Panda present is sure to impress.

Poised Packaging (with Purpose)

Their first impression whilst opening a gift matters. Our sock boxes are bound to wow them and convey our quality. After all, who doesn’t need a mini sock ‘wardrobe’ to house their sustainable accessories in?

Yet, our featured panda mascot – who often appears on our socks - is another hallmark of our company. He reflects our aim to bring real change for the planet. Matched by our FSC packaging and skin-kind OEKO-TEX certification, the pesticide-free bamboo used in growing and creating our stylish accessories cares for the wearer and the planet. And don’t worry… pandas don’t eat MOSO®️ bamboo. So they won’t go hungry this Christmas.

Presents with Personality

The best presents reflect the recipient. Not only sustainable, our scarves, socks, boxers and belts are also thoughtful additions to their everyday attire. No two personalities are the same. That’s why our wide-ranging collections make perfect sense as well-considered gifts. This is gift-giving that suits their personality.

Having this variety available from our online shop means fewer on-the-spot decisions from you. Shop from the comfort of your home or office by putting their favourite colour into our website’s search bar. And boosh – you’ll see the most eligible socks. Just because they wear a suit, doesn’t mean they can’t accessorise.

Let Them Know that You Listen

Is your dad, partner, brother or friend always telling you about the latest development in sustainability? Gifting them our suitably sustainable products will brighten their (hopefully snowy) day. You’ll show you care by noting what matters to them. Bring on the brownie points.

Or, you may be introducing them to the brilliant world of sustainable fashion for the first time. Our Sock Club subscription service is a great way to build their sock drawer. It also extends their Christmas morning glee throughout the year. Plus, our limited time offer means you can add any five pairs of socks to your basket and get one pair free. The only dilemma is whether or not to keep that bonus pair for yourself. We won’t judge!

Think they’d prefer boxers, belts or a scarf instead, but unsure of where to start? Our Swole Panda e-gift cards give them the chance to choose what they’ll wear. Starting from £10.00, they’re a great option for last-minute purchases. So, no more checking the last postal dates for the UK or abroad – although we do provide free worldwide delivery.

Toasty Warm Feet by the Fire

These are not your naff Christmas socks. So, we can’t wait for your intended giftee to enjoy the feel of their new present. Antibacterial, practically seam-free and made from a temperature savvy Moso bamboo fabric, you’ll offer them a VIP wearing experience. Warm in winter, yet cool in summer, they’ll never want to take them off.

We warn you though, the buttery soft feel of our bamboo will mean all other fabrics pale into insignificance. Going for a family walk on Boxing Day or meeting up with friends at the local pub? You can expect one comfortable holiday season.

Looking to give an exceptional present this 25th December? Read our Christmas Gift Guide to inspire your purchase. Going all out? These Christmas sock boxes are a festive addition to our men’s collection.

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