Preparing Your Feet for No Socks Day

Preparing Your Feet for No Socks Day

Ok, so we weren’t 100% sure whether to cover No Socks Day, which is taking place on 8th May 2022. We are, after all, purveyors of fine 75% Moso bamboo socks, designed in Britain. However, we developed the Swole Panda brand to pioneer sustainable change in fashion whilst providing extremely comfortable socks that caress your feet. Comfort shouldn’t be a luxury, so here are our top tips for getting your feet ready for their summer debut.

Inspect your Feet

This may not sound like the most appealing thing to do – depending on the condition of your feet. After all, they hardly see the light of day during the wintertime. But, GQ Magazine suggests “taking a long, hard look at your feet”. Hard skin, blisters, and cracked heels are not only unsightly but can limit your sporting prowess on the court/pitch. Plus, no one likes catching their feet on the bedsheets! Cringe!

You’ll also want to be able to walk with ease during your daily commute. It’s tough enough without adding to the stress with painful feet. So inspect your feet to be a much happier colleague once you arrive at the office.

 Keep Your Feet Clean and Dry

Be sure to wash your feet when in the shower or bath, paying attention to all parts of each foot. Feet generally don’t receive enough of a clean when standing in shower water. It’s crucial, according to Robert K. Lee from the prestigious UCLA Medical Center, to clean your feet as “bacteria [like] to feed on waste products that come out of your sweat glands and they produce odour as they build up” (Glamour Magazine).

Follow this step by drying your feet with a towel. Later, foot-specific moisturisers and creams can be the answer to any feet dramas. Dried heels in summer and sore skin in winter are just two reasons to stock up on fabulous footcare supplies in advance.

Trim Your Toenails

Whether you’re a man or a woman, anyone can go from hero to zero with bad feet. Whilst they don’t grow as quickly as your fingernails, toenails still grow “at an average rate of 1.62 mm per month”. So, you need to trim them regularly for all-around comfort when you slip your favourite shoes on.

Men’s Journal recommends you trim your toenails for health reasons too. The renowned magazine explains that long nails can easily break or crack, which then “provide[s] a port of entry for a fungus”. Nobody wants to hide their feet away at any time of year - especially when Dave from next door is enjoying going barefoot. Our lesson: don’t be pained by sore toenails.

Wear Only the Very Best Socks

With a total of “250,000 sweat glands”, our feet tend to sweat more than other parts of the body. Bamboo socks, our bamboo socks to be precise, are also an ideal material to ensure your feet’s hygiene 12 months of the year.

Breathable and wicking away moisture, your entire feet will stay as cool (and odour free). Luckily, they’ll keep your feet warm during cooler months too, so there’s no need for a winter and summer sock ‘change over’.

With knitted hand-linked and near-seamless toes included in our socks, irritations and blisters from rigid seams become a thing of the past. We hope you’ll enjoy wearing our socks, but please remember to change each pair “at least once a day”. This may mean you need to upgrade your accessories wardrobe. That’s where our Bamboo Sock Subscriptions and multi-buy offers (see individual product pages for details) can soon help you build a collection. With many designs to choose from, you’ll soon wonder why you ever compromised.

We hope these foot care tips will prepare your feet for the season of sock-free days. However, our hypo-allergenic socks’ breathable fabric can support healthier foot hygiene year-round. Browse the Swole Panda online shop to find yours!

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