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Bamboo Boxers for Boxing Day and Beyond

Are you considering buying bamboo boxers for a guy in your life this Christmas? Maybe you’ve read the impressive reviews on our product listings and want to learn more? We’re proud to reveal why these are the ultimate boxers that the recipient will want to wear on Boxing Day and beyond.

Comfort - When and Where it Matters

If your loved one receives a pair of our super soft boxers this Christmas, we’re sure that they’ll want to wear them as soon as possible. Probably on Boxing Day. Why? Well, upon unwrapping them, people are always amazed by the buttery soft feel of the bamboo blended material. It’s five times softer than traditional cotton and we don’t hold back on the Moso bamboo either – there’s 95% in every pair.

But you may be wondering what else this durable (yet stylish) underwear is composed of? It’s a fair point considering where they’re worn. Elastane makes up the other 5%, with the softly elasticated waistband helping to keep them in place all day long. So, there’s no more feeling self-conscious. We promise the ultimate in comfort, fit and feel – or you can use our 100% lifetime moneyback guarantee.


It’s All in the Details

Your loved one is bound to appreciate our label-free boxers. Rather than adding this irritating - feature, we decided to offset print the care instructions instead. Click here to read more about caring for bamboo accessories.

Also, the supportive front pouch means they’ll stay even more comfortable all day long. Contrast ribbing around the leg, together with the jacquard elasticated waistband and super soft seams, prevents chaffing.

We cater for customers of different sizes too – from small (28-31"/71-79CM) to extra-large (36-40"/92-102CM). This once more demonstrates our commitment to well-fitting boxers.

Healthier than Cotton Boxers

If these features haven’t already sold you on giving our bamboo boxers as a present this year, let us explain how this sustainable material contributes to better personal hygiene.

You see, bamboo is the ‘superhero’ of fabrics. It’s “40% more absorbent than even the finest organic cotton”, so wicks away the skin’s moisture a lot quicker than cotton – traditionally recommended as a top fabric for underwear.

It’s breathable, unlike synthetic materials. The tiny gaps in the core structure of bamboo enable air circulation. You’ll also stay fresh thanks to its (naturally) anti-bacterial ‘Bamboo Kun’ that eliminates odours on the football pitch or squash court.

Keeping the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer, there’s really nothing like wearing this ‘intelligent’ material all year-round. Wishing these benefits were available in sock-form? You’re in luck. Our Striped and Athletic collections of 75% Moso bamboo viscose socks will please even the keenest sportsman.


Suave British Design – Wherever you are!

Ever admired the refined ‘suited and booted’ style we do so well? Designed in the UK and shipped worldwide, you can now accessorise like a true British gent wherever you’re based. Bamboo takes dye well, which is awesome for us - and your giftee - given the wide array of colours and designs we bring to the style-conscious shopper.


Plus, our STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX status lets you know that each Swole Panda product is free from harmful AZO dyes, phthalates, extractable heavy metals and formaldehyde. This ensures our bamboo boxers are skin-friendly.

Shopping for someone with eczema, psoriasis or contact dermatitis? You’ll get extra brownie points as the entire Swole Panda range carries the “Confidence in Textile” label. They truly are a thoughtful gift for anyone. Your biggest dilemma is knowing which pair to buy. And why choose, when we offer savings on multiple purchases of our boxers? Visit any product page for more details.

With the last shipping dates set to expire very soon, now truly is the right time to give the gift of extreme comfort to the stylish man in your life. Shop the collection or email us at for more info. We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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