Improve your Sporting Prowess with Swole Panda

Improve your Sporting Prowess with Swole Panda

We’ve all experienced discomfort whilst participating in sports. Poor-quality garments can make focusing and earning the winning point difficult, due to their inferior materials. Yet, our sustainable clothing and accessories’ properties and design features will help you reach new sporting heights by restoring your game.

It’s all a matter of buying the right socks, scarves, boxers and tops – yes, we now sell clothing!

Life by the Water

You’ve probably been there – sailing by the coast only to feel compromised by a chill sea breeze. It can divert your attention and ruin your pre-race strategy.

Now, you can focus on the race by wearing one of our decadent 100% Moso bamboo scarves. Embracing you with its cashmere ‘feel’ on cooler days, you’ll experience bamboo’s temperature-regulating ‘magic’. Incredibly, you’ll also feel (and look) comfortably cool on warmer days too, given this same natural feature. Feel and look the part by draping our stylish fringed edge scarves over your attire.

Know someone who hates wearing socks with brogues? Why not gift a special guy in your life with a pair of our ‘no show’ bamboo trainer socks

You’ll ‘Love’ Wearing them on the Court

Fans of racket sports will ‘deuce’ love the properties of wearing our bold bamboo socks and eternally stylish tops – including our men’s and women’s T-shirt and polo shirt collections.

Let’s be real! No one wants to call quits on their match because of moisture in their trainers or clothing. Even the pros can slip when reaching for a shot. Yet, the cellular structure of bamboo wicks away sweat from your skin. This keeps your body comfortable and avoids irritation due to the hypoallergenic bamboo fibres and OEKO-TEX® status of our accessories and tops.

Take ‘Advantage’ of our stylish collections – ideal for both men and women!

A Walkers Paradise

Customers love the insane durability and comfort of bamboo socks – as reflected in many of the genuine customer reviews shown on our website.

Runners and keen walkers will not only remain fresh due to the inherent Bamboo-Kun natural ingredient – but there’s more chance your feet will stay comfortable from start to finish. The 75% bamboo blend we use feels even softer than cashmere.

Yet,  you won’t have to ‘save them for best’ given the durable nature of Moso bamboo. Engineered with optimum comfort in mind – every pair has seamless hand-linked toes and reinforced comfort heels. They allow you to keep striding onwards and upwards.

Mountains are optional when wearing these suave socks! 

Be a Cycling Tour de Force

Boxers maketh the man … or rather they make him less grumpy when cycling.

Whilst they’re not technical cycling shorts, our breathable bamboo boxers are the ideal underwear when out on your bike. Soft, breathable and anti-bacterial, the addition of a neat supportive front pouch and anti-chafe design, sets them apart.

Pull them on via the softly elasticated jacquard waistband and notice the secure fit they provide. You can rely on them staying put and the label is printed, not a bulky 3D tag. Feeling comfortable matters when you’re on the road and these 95% Moso bamboo viscose boxers provide a great base for clothing across different sporting pursuits.

Featured in GQ, Huffpost, The Times, Forbes and other leading publications, you can ‘beat the competition’ when you give yourself (or a loved one) the gift of comfort. Be thoughtful this Father’s Day (19th June 2022) and browse our official online shop - whilst individual styles remain in stock! Contact us here with any questions or shipping enquiries.

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