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Why Bamboo Makes an Excellent Fabric

Why Bamboo Makes an Excellent Fabric

The best socks shouldn’t let you know that you’re wearing them. From painful weekend walks to daily commutes with bulky toe seams rubbing against your feet, you may have wondered, is there a better option when it comes to buying socks? We’ve thought long and hard about making high-quality socks, scarves, and boxers here at Swole Panda HQ. Guided by eco-sustainable values, bamboo makes an excellent fabric, and we want to share its benefits.

It’s Strong

Due to its high tensile strength, bamboo is “stronger than steel” when applied within the construction industry. Clearly, your socks will be much softer: but this shows how bamboo can meet the durability needed from everyday garments like socks and boxers. Every pair of socks in our collection includes 75% Moso bamboo viscose blended with 22% Polyamide and 3% Elastane. Reinforced heels and toes give these sustainable accessories extra staying power.

Increased Softness

Socks made from bamboo fibres might not sound the comfiest, but the fabric feels similar to cashmere and silk. It’s softer than merino wool and cotton too. With each of our luxury socks containing a high percentage of bamboo, you’ll be sure to reap the rewards long term. The experience is hard to describe, but it is something that you must try for yourself. Add to this our ‘comfort cuff’ styles and you can see our passion for enhancing the wearer’s experience. We knit our Swole Panda socks from fine yarn with 200 needle machines. Now, you can finally say goodbye to that uncomfortable feeling, given this denser construction, hand-linked seams, and seamless ‘comfort toe’ features.

Bamboo Let’s Your Skin And Other Around You Breathe

Nobody likes to talk about it, but we all know that foot odour can affect one’s confidence. However, this issue can be easily remedied by wearing breathable bamboo socks. Bamboo fibre has heat-regulating properties that help keep your feet comfortably cool. Adaptable, it “adjust(s) to the seasons”. Naturally found within the plant, Bamboo-kun is bamboo’s star antimicrobial and anti-fungal secret ingredient that eliminates bacteria. Wicking away any moisture from your feet means your skin stays free to breathe; bamboo absorbs 70% more moisture than cotton. These qualities combine to neutralise bad smells throughout the day.

Skin Kindness Assured

Receiving the prestigious Oeko-Tex 100 certification recognises the care we take during the manufacturing process. This confirms that no trace chemicals have been found in our finished fibres. Being hypoallergenic, bamboo is a good option for people with psoriasis or eczema. Every garment we create carries the ‘Confidence in Textile’ label for added peace of mind.


In 2021, looking good needs to feel good too. Our final reason sustainably sourced bamboo makes an excellent fabric relates to its environmentally sound growing and harvesting stages. Fast-growing with no pesticides or fertilisers required - again thanks to the bamboo-kun within, our bamboo leaves little impact on the environment. More than a trending buzzword in fashion, bamboo can be carbon neutral or even carbon negative. You won’t just be buying high-quality accessories, but rather joining a movement of sustainability with every purchase. Did we mention that it takes dye really well too? This lets us create our signature vibrant designs and patterns.

Hard-wearing bamboo fabric has become a popular choice for many types of accessories given its strength, comfort, antibacterial, and wicking properties. As part of the bigger picture of sustainable fashion, we’re sure you’ll experience the difference this excellent fabric makes to your everyday comfort levels.

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