Your socks are among the most important parts of your entire ensemble. And, it goes without saying that the way you wear them will play a critical role in determining how much you enjoy them and how well they look on you. 

There are different types of socks available to you today. From fun bamboo socks to woven socks and more, you’re pretty much spoilt for choice. However, the best part about wearing socks is that the rules are pretty much universal. So, as long as you can follow some important rules, you should be able to significantly elevate your sock game.

Understanding Sock Styles

As you’re well aware, socks come in different forms. These forms themselves are broken down based on several factors, all of which will determine the type of sock we’re talking about. 

For instance, socks can be divided based on the type. In this case, we have knee-high socks, crew socks, ankle socks, and more. Their lengths will  determine the type, and you can easily make distinctions based on the type you choose.

You can also distinguish based on the material - nylon, wool, socks made from bamboo, etc. And, we have distinctions based on patterns - which include stripes, polka dots, geometric designs, etc. 

Tips for Styling Socks

  • Know your color wheel: The first thing you should know will be how to mix colors. Some colors perfectly complement each other, while others can be analogous to each other. Knowing how to mix or match colors with your outfit will play a significant role in determining your success with styling.  
  • Match or contrast: Another important tip will be to choose socks that either match or contrast with your outfit. Matching socks provide a uniform, monochrome look, while contrasting socks can serve as a great conversation starter - such as when you have bamboo socks UK
  • Show off your socks: If you’re wearing a casual outfit, then we recommend cuffing your pants or wearing ankle-length pants to show off your socks. No reason to keep those babies hidden, right?

Creative Ways to Style Socks

  • Pair socks with shorts: Still on the subject of showing off your socks, you could just wear shorts. If you do this, remember to select socks that easily match your shorts- or which contrast with them.
  • Mix and match patterns: Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and designs that complement each other. You never know what you might find.
  • Layer socks: For the more adventurous of us all, feel free to wear two or more pairs of socks in different colours and lengths. This is definitely a great way to show off your quirky side.
  • Wear statement socks: You can never go wrong with socks with bold colours, patterns, or designs. Looking to make a statement? Try these out! 

Sock Styling for Different Occasions

  • Casual: The casual style involves pairing socks with jeans, shorts, or sneakers. Going out with friends? Heading for a picnic? Style your socks casually and you’re pretty much good to go!
  • Business casual: When you go for the business casual look, you’re essentially pairing your socks with things like loafers and dress pants. The look is especially ideal for situations where you’re not trying too hard - but you still want to look organised. 
  • Formal: The formal look pairs your socks with dress shoes, suits, and the likes. You’re going for an incredibly organised look here, and you’re most likely best served by a pair of black or brown socks.


Nothing puts your entire outfit together like your socks. Luckily for you, we have the largest assortment of socks available anywhere. Check out the Swole Panda catalogue now and let us know which piques your interest.

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