The History of Belts: From Ancient Times to Modern Fashion

The History of Belts: From Ancient Times to Modern Fashion

Belts are among the most popular and common fashion items available today. They provide a great way of tying your entire look together, while also being quite versatile. Whether you’re wearing an elastic waist belt or a polo belt mens, being able to accentuate your look will undoubtedly go a long way. 

However, how have belts evolved over the years? In this article, we’ll take a trip down memory lane to see how belts became the staple of fashion that they are today. 

Belts in Ancient Times

As you would expect, belts didn’t start from the options we have today - you know, the mens brown belt and co. Instead, the earliest belts were reportedly worn by people in the Bronze Age (between 3300 and 1200 BC).

At this time, most belts were made of cords or strings that were tied at peoples’ waists to secure their clothing. In some cases, they were also used to hang pouches.

Belts in Medieval Times

As the medieval times came, belts gave way to girdles - which men wore to keep their tunics in place and provide somewhere to hold their weapons at the hip for easy access. 

Just as well, women also fastened girdles below their torsos to help accentuate their physical features. 

In some cases, people would wear two girdles together on different parts of the body. And, in many societies, girdles were even seen as religious symbols - priests would hang scriptures off their girdles to read, while these items also symbolised things like chastity and protection. 

Belts in the Renaissance Era

In the Renaissance era, belts and girdles didn’t necessarily change in functionality. However, this period saw a rise in popularity of military girdles. In fact, some militaries even adopted girdles of different colours to denote soldier ranks.

Finally, there was the fact that belts became somewhat of a status symbol. In some cities, decorative belts could be seen as a sign that someone belonged to a higher class, and some societies even forbade women from wearing them altogether.  

Belts in the Industrial Revolution

As the industrial revolution took over, belts became more of a functional tool. However, the rise of suspenders also meant that belts lost some of their prominence as they were relatively more comfortable. 

Still, women around this period also began wearing things like belts and sashes, and the demand for belts stayed relatively flat. Nevertheless, there seemed to be an oversupply of belts due to more factories rising up and taking over the scene. Essentially, as long as there was demand for belts, there would always be supply.  

Belts in the 20th Century

With the 20th century in full swing, fashion had become more of a trend. And, this meant that more people were paying attention to what they were wearing - including belts. 

Essentially, this century led to the diversification of belt materials. We had elastic options, traditional leather options, and much more. So, whether you were looking to get womens belts UK or some other variant, access and variety were easy to come by. 

Like other fashion items, belts were also heavily influenced by pop culture and modern fashion. This meant that fashion houses were abv to create different belt designs, all inspired by their environments and the current culture craze.

Belts in Modern Fashion

In the current day, we’re seeing even more variations and creativity in belt designs. People are especially focused on comfort and functionality, especially since belts tend to be worn for the entire day. 

There has also been a specific focus on trends. Despite the fact that belts don’t necessarily get seen, people want to make sure that they are wearing the trendiest and most fashionable products. 

Future of Belts

Looking ahead, there is a significant lot to be seen in the belt market. 

For one, many experts believe that there will be a greater focus on sustainability and eco-friendly materials, as well as ethical manufacturing methods. This means that belt manufacturers will need to be more careful about where and how they source their production materials.

Belts are never out of style. They make your outfit look better, and they are as stylish as you can imagine. 

If you’re looking to get the best quality belts, check out our catalogue and see which works best for you.

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