Style Edition: 6 Types of Belts and Styling Ideas for Men

Style Edition: 6 Types of Belts and Styling Ideas for Men

Belts are not only functional. They have the power to turn any outfit into a devilishly refined ‘look’. Yet, with a range of different styles to choose from, including men’s adjustable belts, it can be confusing knowing which specific belt to pair with your outfit. So, we’ve assembled some styling tips for men seeking to increase their ‘suave factor’.

The Classic Black Dress Belt

One of the more traditional options on the market, this wardrobe workhorse will take you from the boardroom to a bar of your choosing. Indeed, this debonair finishing touch suits a wide range of outfits you’ll already own.

A versatile design, a black leather belt looks on-point when teamed with a black suit, trousers or jeans. Choose one with a statement metal buckle if you want to stand out from the crowd.

The Traditional Tan Belt

Brown is never boring when you know how to style it properly. Just look to the catwalks of Milan for proof of just how affluent a tan brogue-belt pairing can appear. Coordinate punched detailing in both items for a particularly luxurious edge.

You won’t go wrong if you match your shoes to your belt in terms of colour, either. Wear with light linens, navy chinos or denim to achieve a less formal image that retains Italian elegance.

The Stylish Slim Belt

Generally, the fashion industry calls any belt under one inch wide a slim belt. But don’t confuse having less belt with making less of a style impact. It’s all about balance, as opting for a slim belt allows your outfit to do the talking.

Able to flatter dressier outfits for special occasions, they provide a point of difference for men looking to strut with confidence. When balanced with finer materials such as a Swole Panda REFIBRA polo shirt or cashmere jumper, this increasingly popular take on a belt finishes your outfit with finesse.

The Textured Suede One

Many of the belts already mentioned here are available in smooth leather. But, switching to a quality suede material is a tactic that pays off when styling a more dressed-down outfit. Think soft sweaters or a crisp shirt with a coordinating shade of trousers – you’ll be surprised just how many colours are available in textured suede.

Never sacrificing the finer things in life, this natural material whispers good taste. It adds a ‘come here’ tactility that’s perfect on dates where you want to impress.

The Versatile Webbed Belt

Choose this modern style of belt for off-duty casual events and lounging at home during lazy weekends. Offering a greater degree of fit than leather or suede belts with pre-punched holes, they look great paired with casual attire such as jeans, cargo trousers, jumpers and REFIBRA t-shirts.

Add some cool military or sporty vibes to your entire outfit without straying too far into full-on army or skater ‘territory’. Also, metal jewellery will highlight the edgy metal buckle of this particular belt.

The Bold Woven Belt

Similarly, our REPREVE no-hole men’s braided belts offer a precise fit. Able to modernise any guy’s trademark style (really!), our adjustable belts help men update their favourite formal suit and shirt combo.

Equally, try teaming our patterned belts (including dots, stripes and zigzags) with solid colour polos, long-sleeved tops and blazers when you’re next out of the office. Picking out colours from your bamboo socks, in a colourful sky blue, classic red or tangerine orange woven belt is sure to impress.

Make your belt a stylish addition to both formal and casual outfits. Shop our sustainable adjustable belts or email with any queries about the collection.

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