5 Tips to Choose Comfortable Men’s Boxers Underwear

5 Tips to Choose Comfortable Men’s Boxers Underwear

Let’s be honest, men’s boxer briefs need to be comfortable. From playing sports to wearing underneath everyday outfits, the ultimate goal is experiencing ‘seventh heaven’ levels of comfort against your body.

Follow the following five tips when shopping for your next pair of boxer briefs. You’ll find In return, you’ll feel the greatest comfort each and every day.

  • Consider Underwear Made from a Different Fabric
  • Bamboo boxer shorts are the future.

    Whilst cotton is known to be breathable, it does use considerably more water in its production. Instead, we suggest trying our eco-friendly and breathable bamboo blend for the ultimate aeration and temperature regulation.

    Our quality bamboo contains:

    • 95% Moso Bamboo Viscose
    • 5% Elastane.

    Whilst you may have just flinched at the thought of placing bamboo against this delicate area, our organic bamboo fibre resembles a silk-cashmere mix. Bamboo underwear is therefore the remedy for the sore skin, rubbing and chaffing that often occurs after sporting synthetic fabrics throughout the day.

  • Fit Matters
  • Finding a comfortable material is only half the battle.

    The most comfortable boxer briefs have a slim fit and end on the upper thigh, with an elasticated waistband. Staying put, our boxer brief’s sculptural fit will also deliver all-day confidence as you avoid the social discomfort of bulky lines under your jeans, chinos or suit trousers.

    Tall men, slimmer men or those with larger thighs and bums, will appreciate the superior fit of our mens bamboo underwear. Their 5% elastane content accommodates your body shape, whilst the supportive front pouch provides comfort.

  • Measure Twice to Shop the Right Size
  • The experience of wearing ill-fitting boxer briefs is not easily forgotten.

    Pick a pair that’s too tight and they can bulge or rub your waistline and upper thighs. Too loose and you’ll risk them rolling down. Now that’s a recipe for an uncomfortable day!

    As with all good brands, our boxer brief product pages state the measurements so you can check what size you need. Ranging from small to extra-large, measure your waistline twice with a cloth tape measure before adding your favourite British-designed prints and dapper colour combos to your basket.

  • Remember the Health Benefits
  • Thinking of hitting the gym? Or, maybe you’re prone to sweating around the most intimate of places. It happens.

    Our third piece of advice is to shop for absorbent materials such as bamboo. Being 40% more absorbent than organic cotton, its cellular structure will lift, remove and store moisture away from your skin for the ultimate hygiene. This lets you get on with your busy schedule, free from discomfort and odour.

    Choosing bamboo means you’ll be wearing underwear with antibacterial benefits too. Rather than being treated with an artificial treatment, bamboo grows naturally with anti-fungal Bamboo-Kun already built in.

  • Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin
  • Comfort needn’t be limited to the feel of your bamboo boxer briefs.

    Women have worn pretty underwear to feel attractive for decades. So why should men’s underwear be any different? Cutting a neat profile and flattering slim fit, Swole Panda boxers are as good-looking as they are buttery soft. 

    Most of our eye-catching designs have a contrast pouch trim, subtly branded soft jacquard waistband and leg openings that highlight your physique. We’ve also taken care to print the care label into the back of each pair, so there’s no scratchy seam to contend with.

    Feel good to look good. You wear them every day, so why not choose the very best boxer briefs from Swole Panda? Browse our collection of prints, colours and sizes for comfort guaranteed. Contact us for more details.

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