5 Best Ways To Match Sock With Sandals - Definitive Styling Approaches

5 Best Ways To Match Sock With Sandals - Definitive Styling Approaches

Whilst wearing socks with sandals once constituted a major fashion faux pas, today more and more celebrity style icons are seen proudly sporting this dynamic combo. But there is an art to pairing this unexpected duo – once the preserve of hipsters.

Discover the five best ways of matching Swole Panda socks with your favourite sandals, in this definitive guide.

A Duo Of Socks & Sandals Go Together Like Peanut Butter And Jelly 

Pairing Swole Panda socks made from bamboo with sandals is a comforting experience. Imagine having the buttery soft 75% Moso bamboo viscose wrapped around your feet. Add in a pair of your go-to sandals, be they Birkenstocks, UGGs or sliders and it’s a delicious treat akin to peanut butter and jelly. It just feels right … reflecting your good taste (pun intended) in terms of styling.

We appreciate teaming socks with sandals may seem a little out of your comfort zone – so here are five trending approaches you can test out.

  • Don’t Blend In!

You may be tempted to start off subtly. But pulling on brightly coloured calf-length socks with sandals can refresh anyone’s outfit. Team our patterned or solid colour socks with contrasting-coloured sandals for maximum style points. Be a peacock in a flock of pigeons.

  • Embrace The Monochrome Mix

Similarly, black sandals look incredible when teamed with white socks such as our selection of sporty, Breton striped and branded white socks. This ‘power couple’ is dressy yet never tries too hard. Our advice? Channel your inner panda for a striking (yet accessible) style statement.

  • Mix Patterned Socks With Neutral Sandals

Neutral sandals are a timeless style essential. Teaming our polka dot socks with tan, navy or black shoes will add intrigue and a pop of colour to those sandals you’ve been wearing for years. This uber-cool contrast of spots inside the classic footwear base is sure to woo the eye of passers-by.

  • Add In Some Motif Socks

With over 60 motif socks to choose from within our collection of bamboo socks for women and men, there’s no denying the power of a print. Team them with classic or vintage sandals for a style update that also reflects your inner T-rex, chilli pepper or fox (many other prints are available).

  • Think Outside The Box

If the thought of wearing calf-length socks with sandals still fills you with fear, our men’s "no-show" bamboo socks are a great way to dip your toe in this aesthetic. With women’s trainer socks also available, it’s up to you whether you ‘twin’ with your partner for the ultimate in couple goals. Stopping at the ankle, this low profile is ideal for those who want to try matching socks with sandals gradually.

Putting On Socks With Sandals Is Officially Cool Forever

If this look is good enough for A-listers like Rhianna, Kendall Jenner, David Beckham and co, we’re confident that this stylish look is here to stay. Comforting and super cosy, why not try this power duo of accessories this winter and beyond? There’s now no need to pack away your beloved sandals just because the temperature falls.

Your accessories wardrobe is a ticket to true self-expression. Feeling inspired by what you’ve learned? It’s time to browse our sustainable bamboo-blend sock collection and dare to bare whatever the season. Get in touch or call 01424 868030 with any queries.

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