Men’s Fun Socks: The Right Way to Style Funky Socks

Men’s Fun Socks: The Right Way to Style Funky Socks

We all know that socks are a critical part of everyday fashion. And as a man, having the right set will definitely come in handy as you look to become more fashion-forward. However, the best thing about socks is the fact that they also allow you to be as free and creative as you want to be. 

This is where funky men’s socks come in. These socks provide a great way for you to show off your creativity, and they can also significantly help to spruce up your style. We will look into some of the best ways for you to style your fun socks in this article.

Funky Socks: What Are They? 

Funky socks are the latest trend in the sock space. These socks were essentially rated to provide a way for people to infuse their creativity and quirkiness into their fashion. Just as there are fun boxers and colourful bamboo socks, funky socks essentially allow you to be your freest, most comfortable self as you go out during the day. 

Today, there are funky men’s socs as well as there are funky womens socks. And, thanks to the fact that sock rules can be passed regardless of the gender, it’s pretty easy for you to style these socks - whether you have womens funky socks or those for men. 

Unlike funky boxers that won’t be seen, the entire point of funky socks is for them to be visible. These socks can act as conversation starters - or just be a great way for you to show off your unique style. 

Put your Best foot Forward - How to Match Funky Socks with any Outfit

One of the biggest benefits of funky socks is that you don’t necessarily need to follow any rules to wear them. 

Funky socks are supposed to be weird and visible. For most people, the entire point is even to wear them in a way that they don’t necessarily match the rest of your outfit. So, with these socks, you essentially have all the freedom you need to be creative and as quirky as you’d like.  

That said, there are a few pointers that could help you with your styling for funny socks as a man:

Be creative

As explained earlier, the entire point of wearing funky socks is to have something that expresses you and your style. So, essentially, feel free to be free. Let your socks reflect what you like, and you’ll be able to enjoy greater freedom from there. 

Mainstream patterns are always a hit

When looking for colourful bamboo socks, we generally recommend starting with mainstream patterns. Polka dots, stripes, lines, etc. are conventional options that can never go wrong. So, if you’re not much of a risk taker, consider those. 

Contrasting colours always look great 

Another awesome option for those looking to take less of a risk will be to get contrasting colours. This is especially true if you’re wearing a dark formal suit. The contrast allows you to still bring some seriousness to your look, which can go a long way. 

The sock-shirt match

If you’re wearing something casual, then it might be a good idea to match your socks with your shirt. This isn’t a compulsory rule that needs to be followed, but it definitely doesn’t hurt.

Get a component match

Another great tip for those looking to pair funky socks with formal wear wil be to match the accessories. For instance, you could let your socks match your tie and pocket square - or even your belt. These splashes of consistency will go a long way in shaping your look too.


Fun socks are definitely all the rage right now. Whether for casual or formal attire, they work very fine. So, if you’d like to get in on this trend, check out our catalogue at Swole Panda. We have the right selection of funky socks available for everyone, and you can have your pick of the litter.

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