Swole Panda and Pandas International

Swole Panda and Pandas International

In 2015, we formalised our pledge to our mission by becoming a supporting partner of Pandas International, a non-profit organisation that is exclusively devoted to serving the Giant Panda.

With each pair of sunglasses sold through our website, we will be donating a portion to Pandas International to help them increase awareness of the sustainable use of bamboo and aid in the protection of the Giant Panda

Although we have taken extensive measures to ensure the bamboo used in our products is from regions dedicated to sustainable bamboo growth, away from the habitat of the Giant Panda, many industries continue to destroy bamboo forests for the growing of less sustainable crops.

Pandas International works directly to support the Panda reserves in China to ensure the survival of the species. The reserves focus on captive breeding, habitat restoration, veterinary care for captive and wild pandas, and extensive research on nutrition, behaviour, breeding, and ecological needs.

A program to re-introduce captive born pandas into the wild has also been initiated and is being expanded. This transitional step will be a gradual, but essential process to increase the number of Pandas in the wild bamboo forests of China.

Please take the time to visit www.pandasinternational.org and read about the fantastic things they are doing.



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