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Swole Panda Clothing Questions

How should I care for my Swole Panda clothing?

We recommend to wash your Swole Panda garments on a cool 30° to normal 40° cycle on your washing machine with similar coloured garments.

For longevity, we recommend not to tumble try your garments, not to dry clean them, not to bleach and if they need ironing, do so on a cool heat.

To preserve the moisture wicking feature, don’t use any fabric conditioners

You say that bamboo textiles are environmentally friendly, but how is this so?

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant known to man and therefore highly renewable. Growing at a rate of several feet a day, it takes just three months for bamboo to grow to its maximum height and four years to reach maturity compared with 25-70 years for commercially used trees.

It also spreads rapidly, covering large areas in a very short time. Because of its rapid growth and ability to spread, not only does bamboo provide the basis for a number of environmentally friendly products, including bamboo clothing, it also improves soil quality in areas that have been over-farmed or have suffered erosion.

What's more, because bamboo is naturally abundant, fertilisers and pesticides aren't needed in order to produce strong, healthy plants for use in the production of bamboo textiles.

How are bamboo fibres and yarns produced?

Bamboo fibre is produced from the raw materials of bamboo pulp. This is then made into fibre through a process of crushing and mixing with caustic soda, a low impact chemical.

How does bamboo clothing differ from that made from other textiles?

The reason bamboo grows so quickly is mainly down to its incredible ability to absorb water. It''s this same ability that sets bamboo clothing apart from clothing made from other textiles. Because it absorbs and evaporates sweat in just a matter of seconds, bamboo clothing will keep you dry for much longer than clothing made from any other textile.

Bamboo fibres also have a special microstructure. Thanks to this microstructure, bamboo clothing stays cooler during summer and warmer through the winter. In fact, it's been proven that, during hot weather, clothes made from bamboo will keep you two degrees cooler than those made from other fabrics.

I've heard that bamboo clothing is good for those with skin allergies. Is this true?

If you have sensitive skin or are prone to skin allergies you'll love bamboo clothing! Bamboo fabrics contain no harsh chemicals that could irritate your skin and because the fibres are smooth and round, they're non-abrasive and therefore soft and comfortable to wear.

I've heard that bamboo clothing is naturally anti-bacterial. How is that so?

Bamboo fibre contains ''bamboo kun'', a natural agent that prevents bacteria from cultivating on it. Tests have shown that even after fifty washes, bamboo textiles still retain this unique characteristic meaning that clothing made from bamboo textiles will keep you fresher and odour free for longer than clothing made from any other fabric.


Swole Panda Sunglasses Questions

Can your sunglasses be fitted with prescription lenses?

Some of our models can have their lenses easily replaced with your prescribed ones. Those that are easily changeable are marked in the product description. Simply buy the pair you would like online and take them to your opticians where they can easily swap our stock lenses with ones prescribed to you.

How do I read your frame measurements?

The frame measurements correspond to the width of the lens, the width of the nose, and the length of the temple (arm) in mm. To see what they look like on, all of our sunglasses have photographs of them being worn.

Is the bamboo you use sustainable?

Our frames are 100% sustainable due to the rapid rate at which bamboo grows having minimal impact on the environment.

What kind of UV protection do your sunglasses offer?

All of our sunglasses have UV 400 (100% UVA / UVB) CE certified polarized lenses.

How should I look after my sunglasses?

We recommend that Swole Panda sunglasses be kept in a safe place, preferably in the hard case that has been included with your purchase. Although the corner of your shirt may be more convenient, please clean your lenses and frames with the microfiber cloth included. All Swole Panda sunglasses have been treated with a non-allergenic protective finish. This protective coating helps the wood maintain the proper moisture needed to prevent drying out while also helping to repel water and sweat.

Can my sunglasses get wet?

Your Swole Panda sunglasses can get wet which is fantastic news for those of you who love water. Most of our models even float which means there is no more losing your sunglasses to the sea or the lake again!

Why is each pair of bamboo sunglasses not 100% identical?

Due to the nature of bamboo, each pair of sunglasses has its own unique grain and colour. Although these differences are minimal it makes each pair fabulously unique.


Ordering Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal

How do I change or cancel an order?

To change or cancel an order, just email info@swolepanda.com


Billing and Shipping Questions

What are your shipping fees?

Shipping fees will vary depending on the country you live. You can update your shipping to see the cost before ordering. Our shipping costs cover the shipping, packaging, and handling to assemble your order.

When will my order be shipped? When will it arrive?

We ship out all orders within 2 business days of your order. If your order was placed Monday through Thursday, it will be shipped within 48 hours. If your order was placed on Friday, it may not be shipped until Monday. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once your order has shipped. All packages within the UK usually take 2-5 days. International orders may take up to 4 weeks.

Do you ship internationally?

Swole Panda ships world wide, so wherever you live, you can enjoy our bamboo clothing and accessories!

I have entered the wrong shipping address with my order.

If you have entered the incorrect shipping address into your order and your order has been placed, please contact us immediately.

We would advise doing this as quickly as possible, as we dispatch orders extremely quickly, once it's been dispatched to the initially stated address, we cannot get the package back.

I didn't receive an invoice with my package

Swole Panda takes the environment into great consideration and do our part wherever possible. This means that your invoice is emailed shortly after an order is placed rather than a paper copy being sent via post.


Exchange/Warranty/Return Questions

What's your return policy?

We guarantee our products to be free of manufacturing defects and will accept any defective items for refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase. Swole Panda will issue a refund of the amount tendered for the original transaction (minus shipping). All returns or exchanges must be unworn, unused and in their original condition with receipt and packaging. Merchandise received after 30 days will only be accepted at our discretion for an online credit.

What is covered under warranty?

Swole Panda warrants products against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. Swole Panda also reserves the right to determine manufacturing defects, and requires proof of purchase from an authorized Swole Panda dealer to qualify products as warrantable. If a product is deemed defective, Swole Panda will replace the item at no cost to the customer. However, certain circumstances may not be considered as defective, including but not limited to: shrinking due to inccorect washing, scratched lens, chewed sunglass frames, someone else breaking them, etc.

How do I make a warranty claim?

All claims must be submitted to info@swolepanda.com. If you purchased your pair from a retailer, please return them to that store.



Other Questions

Is my personal information and credit card information safe on your website?

Yes it is. We have taken several measures to ensure all information received from our online visitors is secure from unauthorized access and use. All transactions are completed on a secure server via PayPal or Stripe.

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